What work do you take pride in and why ?


           i have good at handwriting and i take pride in handwriting very much.

          i have leard handwriting for five years, during my childhood i have some interested in handwriting, so i learned handwriting from my elementary school study.  Whatever in my elementary school, junior high scool, senior high school and in my university, i always join a lot of handwriting competition in school,  also i get perfect score and first prize or second prize.   Consequently, my parents always take proud of me.   now, in my free time or i feel very boried, sometimes i do handwriting, then i will have good mood.

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What was your worst customer service experience?


What was your worst customer service experience?

i rememberd i have a worst customer service experience in the restaurant during few years ago

i went to a famous restaurant with my friend in Taiwan, that day was a Valentine’s day , therefore a lot of people wanted to enter the famous restaurant, i remembered that day i waited and waited so long time………………    the most important things that  in that day their waiters in the restaurant  don’t came to me and they don’t say anything to us, let us wait so long time, also we don’t know the situation about inside, so at that time, we considered whether we need to changed another famous restaurant or not!

What improvements would you suggest ?

i  suggest maybe their waiters need to come to me and say some situation about how many people stay inside or maybe we can see menu or order our meals fistly.   If  the waiters don’t say anything, we will feel very confused and hesitate, perhaps the waiters come to us and let us know we need to spend  how much time to wait, then we can go another restaurant, also we don’t waste lot of time.

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What brands are you loyal to and why ?

Actually, i like some brands and my favorite brand is converse.  It also called All star

I think everyone must know the converse, it is the famous brand of shoes.  Also, converse is also very famous in Taiwan.  i have already bought many shoes of converse.  Almost i have already bought four shoes of converse in my home.

The major reason why i am the loyal customer and why i like the converse so much.  Because i like the brand about its appearance ,the designs of converse,and their materials are very well.  Everytime if  they have new style and show some demonstration on arrival, i always feel so excited and i  want to see what the new shoes are right now.   I think i will be a loyal customer of converwhatever now or in the future.

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Talk about one thing (in media) that you look at different now

         Now i want to talk about one media that i look at different now.  Nowadays many media make us more convenient, and we can get more information from a lot of media. But in all of  the media, i want to admire computers and my favorite media is computers . From the computers are invented, we can do a lot of things, it instead of all the media, including TV, newspapers, book, telephone, advertisements and so on….Because we have computers in our lives , we not only can watch TV, listeninto music, get abundant information  and rich knowledge, but also we can contact with our family, friends ….   Now we have computers, i think every one rely on computers in thier lives very much.

          recently,  compuers has evolved into a major business merchiants and big media, i remember a long time years ago, computers hadn’t many functions that we just search few websites and internet, through time flies and the trend of time are progressing, our computers add many new websites , software, lots of functions and very useful than before.  

         The computers lead us to know the wold, we can read and realize the story , lives , news through computers.  Because the compuers are inventing faster and faster, everbody must to rely on it and like it very much, consequsently, computers become the most important and nesscessary merchants in everybody’s mind.

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Birth of Venus (Botticelli)

 The Birth of Venus is a painting by Sandro Botticelli.  It describes the godness Venus , having emerged from the sea as a full grown woman, arriving at the sea-shore. 

Botticelli’s art was never fully committed to naturalism;  If we are in comparison to his contemporary Domenico Ghirlandaio, Botticelli seldom gave weight and volume to his figures and rarely used a deep perspectival space.  In this painting,  he uses the brilliant light and colors, the luxurious garden, the beautiful draperies of the godness, and the roses floating around the beautiful nude to create a beautiful and perfect image,   making a beautiful pictures of Birth of Vinus.

Also, that the painting can bring pleasure to the viewer.

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How important is it to understand the role of medium and technology ? Is McLuhan’s Tetrad helpful for us ?

 I think medium and technology  are very important in our lives.  Because they must to play an very important role around our lives , including lives, environment, everywhere around us.   All of the medium and technology let our lives more convenient, comfortable, relaxed………..Therefore , i  have to say  the medium and the technology are very important to us. 

Let me get some example:

If we have  newspaper ,we can understand many knowledge,read some articles, news that is good or bad.

If we have  TV , we know everything what we wants to know and more clear and know the truths from the pictiue.

 If we have computer  and cell phone , we can communicate with a lot of friend even you and others have far distance. 

 If we have pencil, we can write something what we wants to say and let everybody knows what the meaning is .

 If  we have refrigerator, we can preseverence our foods.

If we have car, we can go everywhere what we wants to go, and we can very relaxed to arrive the destination.

So, medium and technology are important and play an important role.

Also, I  think Maybe McLuhan’s Tetrad  helps some ways of thinking and creative, he has four tetrads, it can help us to think many questions about medium and technology, because it different aspects, we can think more creatize ways and questions.

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medium …

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How does the medium affect the message ?

 How  does  the  medium  affect  the  message  ?

If we have no medium affect like TV, computer, newspaper, radio, novle, cell phone and so on, we will not convey the messages of all all the people.  Nowadays, we through many medium to convey, express, and to memorize a lot of messages to everyperson.  Because all of the medium including lots of abundant information and knowledge, then we need to rely on these medium to know the messages and realize what the message every body wants to talk about to you.  That’s why i like the medium very much.  Because the medium are invented, we can understand the messages and know the ideas .

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Hello , my name is Stella .

Welcome,  my  new  blog . My  name is Stella. 

 I  am  going  to  be  a  junior  this  September.  I  come from  Taiwan  and  now  i  live in Canada.  Because  i  participated  in  the  new  summer short -termed   program  .

i  come to  here  to  learn  English  including  English  listening , speaking  and  many  knowledge.

now  i  have  a  good  time  in  Canada   and   i  will  come  back  on  Auguest  16.

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welcome, this is my new blog ~ ^^

How much do  i  use the  technology ?

i  think,  maybe   I  use  the  cellphone , many blog , computer  , TV  , redio  and  many  medium   every  day. Because  all  the  medium  are  very  important  to  me.  I  can  know  , concern  and  realize  many  things  and  news  recently.


How  would  my  life  different  without  these ?

 if  we have  any  media  and  technology  in  our  lives , we  can’t  communication and  contact  to  each  other  . And  we  don’t  know  many  knowledge  or  news  every  day  . There  will  be  very  awful  in  the  world.  Because  nobodys  concern  and  contact with   you  if  we  have  any  communcation  tools.

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